Assault Charges



In the State of New York, all assault charges, whether simple or aggravated, carry the potential of a permanent criminal record and the possibility of prison time. Assault charges are categorized as either: simple or aggravated. A simple assault occurs when an individual attempts to bring physical harm to another individual, for example a bar or street fight. However, an aggravated is more serious in nature and is usually charged as a felony with heavy penalties.

You may be charged with aggravated assault, depending on the following:

  • If weapons were involved
  • Degree of the injury
  • Status of the victim
  • Location of the assault
  • Intent of the perpetrator


Assault cases can become complicated and only an experienced attorney can properly represent you through the process. Once charges have been filed, it is up to the prosecution to pursue the case, not the victim. If the injury is minimal, and the victim is not interested in pressing charges, Attorney Travis will file an application to have the charges dismissed to keep your record clean of violent behavior. If this is not possible, Andrew will investigate the case, and determine if eyewitnesses were on the scene, who instigated the physical altercation, if weapons were involved, and if you were attempting to defend yourself from harm.

If you are facing assault charges, you need expert legal representation, to avoid serious penalties including jail time. Assault charges are rarely as black and white as prosecutors like to portray. If you acted in self-defense, your story must heard. Don’t let a simple assault turn into an assault on your life, liberty and future. Trust Travis. You’ll be glad you did.