Harassment is a broad term that encompasses a number of negative conducts. Harassment offenses usually arise out of a verbal altercation, a misunderstanding, or argument. The following are types of conducts constitute harassment:

  • Communicating with someone anonymously
  • Stalking someone
  • Using offensively coarse language
  • Causing annoyance or fear in any way


First Degree Harassment
  • Class B Misdemeanor Charge
  • Maximum 90 days jail
  1. Intentionally and repeatedly harassing another person by following them in a public place, or
  2. Engaging in a course of conduct which places another person in reasonable fear of physical injury.
Second Degree Aggravated Harassment
  • Class A Misdemeanor Charge
  • Maximum 1 year jail
  1. Communicating with them or causing someone to communicate with them in a way likely to cause annoyance or alarm, or
  2. Shoving, kicking, hitting, etc. another person because of their race, color, national origin, or religion.
First Degree Aggravated Harassment
  • Class E Felony Charge
  • Maximum 4 years in prison
  1. If you’re accused of committed second degree aggravated harassment and you’ve been convicted of a 1st degree aggravated harassment charge in the past 10 years, or if you:
  2. Act with the intent to annoy, alarm, or threaten another person based on their race, color, national origin or religion and did more than $50 worth of damage to property used for religious purposes.
    (Ref: NY State Law §240.30)


The prosecution must be able to prove that the accused had the intention of annoying the victim or causing them stress in order for one to be convicted of harassment – not just mere annoyance. For example, repeated phone calls attempting to regain an overdue sum of money loaned to a friend, may not be considered harassment if the goal, was not to annoy, but rather get the money back.

Attorney Travis will listen to your case and examine the evidence against you. Andrew will determine the validity of your accuser’s complaint, and diligently fight the charges to protect your name and reputation.

A harassment conviction will appear on your criminal record and appear on background checks. This may cause undue embarrassment and affect future professional opportunities. If you are accused of harassment, call Andrew today. Trust Travis. You’ll be glad you did.