Shoplifting is a common offense and is defined as being a crime of theft from a retail store. Attorney Travis has expertly defended clients accused of shoplifting even from major retail department stores.

It is important to take shoplifting charges seriously, even if the value of the item appears to be very small. If found guilty, the conviction will remain on one’s criminal record, which will appear on background checks, may affect professional licensing, and can even harm one’s immigration status. Shoplifting penalties can range from a misdemeanor charge, if the value was under $1,000 with 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine, all the way up to a felony crime.


• Carry or transfer merchandise from a store
• Purposefully conceal merchandise
• Move merchandise from one container to another
• Alter, tamper, or remove labels, or change markings on an item
• Under-ring merchandise
• Remove a shopping cart from a store
• Possess an inventory control device to tamper with labels

Most often prosecutors are tough on shoplifting cases because the retail stores want to send a strong message not to shoplift in their store again. This means that prosecutors are not likely to negotiate, or offer a plea deal. An increasing number of shoplifting cases go to trial as the only option to avoid a conviction. However, if the prosecution fails to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, the case will be dismissed. Attorney Travis handles shoplifting and theft matters with the same aggressive zeal with which he approaches large scale cases. If you have been charged with shoplifting or theft, it is important to call Attorney Travis for a free case evaluation. Trust Travis. You’ll be glad you did.