Under 21 DWI Penalties



Impaired Underage 21 Driving Charge with Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) above .02%

BAC .02% to .07% BAC .05% to .07% Over BAC .08%
Charge DMV Hearing DWAI or DWI DWI
Minimum Jail N/A Up to 15 days jail Up to 1 year jail
Fines $125 to $225 $300 to $500 $500 to $1,000
Driver’s License 6 mo suspension 1 year revocation or until age 21 1 year revocation or until age 21

A Juvenile DWI comes under the Zero Tolerance Laws. If the DWI results in an accident that causes injury or death, it will be dealt with much more harshly than a DUI that results in a mere traffic law violation. In addition to the above penalties, you may face the following:

  • You lose your license until your 21st birthday
  • Jail time in a juvenile facility
  • Attend an alcohol treatment program
  • Restitution (repayment) for any damages caused to property or medical expenses
  • Driving safety classes
  • Community service
  • Mandatory Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on any vehicle “owned or operated” for 12 months or the duration of probation.

The Zero Tolerance Law applies to a person under age 21 who operates a motor vehicle with a BAC between¬†.02% and .07%, regardless of whether or not the person is legally impaired at all. If convicted, the teen offender will lose driving privileges for at least 6 months. For BAC over .05% , the driver’s license can be revoked until the 21st birthday. A DUI charge appears on the young driver’s permanent criminal record which can affect college admissions and job opportunities. With so much at stake, get legal counsel as soon as possible. Attorney Travis has had much success in Juvenile DWI cases and can help minimize the adverse impact these charges may cause to a young life. Andrew will challenge whether the vehicle stop was lawful, and whether the BAC test was correctly administered. Call today for your FREE Case Evaluation. Trust Travis. You’ll be glad you did.